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Confirmatory Testing

Due to COVID-19, confirmatory testing will only be conducted on select weekdays.
You will receive a fax or e-mail of the results within 48 to 72 hours after the lab receives the sample.

Here is what you can expect when you make a request for confirmatory testing through Zoetis Labs.

We will create a new case and establish a case number. You will receive a FedEx mailing label either by fax or email along with sample preparation instructions. You will also be provided the case number on the instruction sheet. If your request is made before 3 PM EST, it will be processed the same business day (within 12 business hours). If after 3 PM EST, the call tag will be processed the following business day.

Please follow these guidelines when preparing a sample:

  1. No samples in syringes.
  2. For FeLV and Heartworm: sample should be serum, plasma, or anticoagulated whole blood. EDTA, heparin, or serum tube required. For FIV: only submit serum or anticoagulated plasma.
  3. At least 0.5 mL is desirable.
  4. Identify tube(s) with Patient ID, Case # (provided on the Zoetis Requisition Form), and one of the following: HW, FeLV, or FIV-ZOETIS.
  5. Zoetis will fax or email a Requisition form and FedEx label to your clinic for sample submission to our Zoetis laboratory. Do not arrange for FedEx pickup on Fridays or the day before a federal holiday.
  6. Ship on ice, if possible.
  7. Protect the sample from damage during shipment.
  8. Include the Requisition Form with patient(s)' name(s) and case number indicated with sample shipment.

Your sample will be tested the day it is received. We will fax/email the results within 48 to 72 hours after receiving the sample.

Please do not arrange for FedEx pickup on Fridays, or on the day of or day before the listed dates when the lab will be closed. Call tags will not be processed, samples will not be accepted or tested, and results will not be sent on the following 2020 lab holidays:

  • Wednesday January 1st (New Year's Day)
  • Monday January 20th (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
  • Monday May 25th (Memorial Day)
  • Friday July 3rd (Day before Independence Day)
  • Monday September 7th (Labor Day)
  • Thursday November 26th (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Friday November 27th (Day after Thanksgiving)
  • Thursday December 24th (Christmas Eve Day)
  • Friday December 25th (Christmas Day)


Please provide the following information:

*Required Fields
Please note, missing information may result in delay of processing your request.

*Is this a new request or a recheck of previously submitted sample? Rechecks require an existing case number New Recheck

*Select Product

**To discuss VETSCAN Tick-Borne confirmatory testing, please call 1-888-Zoetis-1, option 5, to speak with a Customer Support representative

*Run a confirmatory test on:

*Clinic Contact First Name
*Clinic Contact Last Name
*Clinic/Facility Name
*Zoetis Case Number
*Serial Number found on the box

* Sample Type Used to Run the Test in your Clinic
Anticoagulated Whole Blood Plasma Serum
* Was the pipette provided with the kit used to add the sample to the test well?
No Yes

Was another confirmatory test performed? If yes, please select:
4 Dx Sent to Lab Other
Result of Other Confirmatory Test
Negative Positive

*Species Tested
Cat Dog
*Patient 1: First Name
*Patient 1: Last Name
Patient 2: First Name
Patient 2: Last Name
Patient 3: First Name
Patient 3: Last Name
*Owner 1: First Name
*Owner 1: Last Name
*Owner 1: zip code
Owner 2: First Name
Owner 2: Last Name
Owner 2: zip code
Owner 3: First Name
Owner 3: Last Name
Owner 3: zip code

*How would you like to receive the call tag and sample instructions?




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