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Find answers to common questions about the Zoetis Genetics ordering process here. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us at 877-233-3362 and we’ll be glad to help.

How do I order Test Collectors?

Please visit or call 1-866-267-9114.

Where do I send my samples?

Please mail your order testing collector samples (except those through Angus Genetics, Inc. [AGI]) to: Zoetis Genetics, 333 Portage Street, Building 300, Kalamazoo, MI 49007-9970.

If ordering through a breed association, see Beef Ordering Information.

Who is my rep?

Please contact Zoetis Genetics at 877-233-3362 to be put in touch with the Zoetis Field Representative in your area.

What does it mean when my sample is “questionable”? Do I need to resample?

A questionable sample is one that has not met all requirements. We will request a new sample from you if needed. Questionable samples are tested in the lab; we will request a new sample if we cannot obtain an initial result.

What is an Archive Test Request?

The Archive product is selected when a sample is not able to be tested due to missing information or when a samples does not require testing at the present time. The sample is archived with the ability to be tested at a later date. Customers may contact Zoetis Customer Service at 877-233-3362 to inquire about archived samples. 

What are sample failures?

Sample failures are usually related to sample quality and/or collection. Please click here to review sample collection techniques.

How does the SireTRACE® Parentage product work?

SireTRACE can be used in three different ways:

  1. Profile – Customer requests a DNA profile or fingerprint which may be either SNP or STR
  2. Parent Verification using recorded parents (or Dam or Sire only) – Customer nominates the Sire and/or the Dam expected for a calf
  3. Parent Assignment using a Breeding Group – Customer submits calves, the sires used or exposed in a given pasture to a set of dams and a Parentage Assignment is ran to match the “most likely” parent(s).

Does Zoetis have a breed test?

No, we currently do not have this offering.

Do you have a horn polled test?

Polled testing with CLARIFIDE® is available for dairy cattle only at this time.

Do you have M1?

No, M1 needs to be sent to Neogen in Lincoln, Neb.

Can I just send the sample in a baggie?

Please order DNA collectors by visiting or call 866-267-9114.

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround times vary from 21 days for Genetic Conditions to 30 days for GeneSTAR® and Parentage.

Can I get results faster than 21 days?

We currently do not have a rush process. However, we will do our best to hit a very important deadline. Please contact us at 866-233-3362 if your situation needs special attention.

Can you send the results to my association?

Yes. Please ensure you have provided your member number as well as registration numbers on all calves. If calves have not been registered, please provide their date of birth and sire and dam registration numbers.

Where can I find your order form?

Download the beef order form found in the Beef Ordering Information section.

How much does it cost to test for SireTRACE, Defects, 50K, etc.?

All pricing is included on our order form found in the Beef Ordering Information section.



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