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  • INHERIT Select is an innovative, multi-breed genomic test and weekly genetic evaluation providing predictions for commercial females including crosses of eight major breeds.
  • The test delivers Genomic Expected Progeny Differences (GEPDs) and percentile rankings for 19 traits and five economic indexes as well as sire and dam parentage verification and breed composition.
  • Predictions from INHERIT Select provide commercial cow-calf producers with genetic insights to make replacement female selection and breeding decisions.

INHERIT Select is backed by more than 1.3 million straight-bred and cross-bred animal records and gives cow-calf producers the power of GEPDs to make more dependable replacement female selection decisions. These decisions are made easier through:

  • Nineteen traits that inform five economic indexes to make information easier to use for selection and breeding decisions

    INHERIT Select Cows

  • The Zoetis Total Return (ZTR) index which integrates the full range of economically relevant GEPDs plus economic and production assumptions into one easy-to-use number to help maximize returns
  • Two additional indexes, Zoetis Cow|Calf (ZCC) index and Zoetis Feedlot|Carcass (ZFC) index, that further informs decisions for these production segments
  • Percentile ranks that benchmark females against other commercial animals in the evaluation
  • Sire determination for daughters of HD50K for $Profit and INHERIT Connect tested bulls
  • Predictions updated weekly ensuring you have the most up-to-date information
  • Basic estimation of breed composition spanning eight major breeds including Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, South Devon, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Charolais and Limousin reported as %Angus, %British, %Continental and %Other that can help harness the power of hybrid vigor to inform selection and breeding decisions for future calf crops

Customers with groups of females that are predominantly 75% and greater black Angus breed composition are advised to use GeneMax® Advantage.

With INHERIT Select, you can make selection decisions sooner to identify future replacements. Heifers can be tested at weaning or at any time when a tissue sample may be collected. Selecting the right replacements is not only critical to the future of your herd, but it has direct impact on short-term profitability:

  • Earlier marketing decisions can help reduce heifer-raising costs and generate revenue.
  • Future herd productivity is accelerated by selecting females with favorable predictions.

INHERIT Connect is for INHERIT Select customers who have portions of their bull battery that do not have HD50K for $Profit genotypes included in the genetic evaluaions.

INHERIT Connect helps determine sire parentage for heifers tested with
INHERIT Select. With INHERIT Connect, commercial cow-calf producers can:

  • Connect candidate sires to tested daughters
  • Connect sires and daughters to other genotyped animals in the evaluation
  • Enable more complete sire determination across groups of tested heifers

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With BLOCKYARD™, you get the management, health and genomic information for individual cattle. It’s unique. It’s simple. And it’s empowering. And it's available for existing customers using INHERIT Select.

Let's turn data into value.

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